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Desert Rises

When the hazy purple dusk turns black

The shape of dunes on the horizon

Melts away into the Milky Way

Which stares at us with ancient eyes

A thousand million voices whispering

You can hear the echoes of ancient drums

The crackling fire casting dancing shadows

against rocks

Smell the smoke of barbecue and incense

Hear the voices of the ancestors

Who tell the stories of the land

with passion and fervor

The great legends of the animal spirits

As they paint with ochre and ash

Thousands of years ago

Yet far beyond the ancestors of man

Beyond this land, beyond this planet

Lies a galaxy of stars by the billions


And galaxies by the billions


And you realize how small you are

How insignificant your problems

You hear the quiet stillness

The endless expanse

Wrapping around you

Carrying you

Far far away

© 2023 Marieke de Koker

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