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We Are Music

Their voices and spirits

Colored the world vivid

I felt the breeze dancing in my face

The way it did on warm spring nights

With the fragrance of adolescent hope

The carefree liberty of indulging in the now

Transported by wild fantasies

of possibility

The rhythm of their feet and beating hearts

Infectious as laughter and smiles

Brought this concrete jungle to life

When the spirit takes flight

When the feet can’t keep still

Hips and shoulders sway side to side

Hearts beat in unison

Making one remember what it means

to embody

The Soul

When the lights seem brighter

The flowers more fragrant

The weight seems lighter

And the sun more radiant

When you’ve never felt more at home

than in sharing

Music speaks a language known to all

of elemental cries and laughter

We are music

We all are

And music is us

© 2023 Marieke de Koker

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