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Born of Angels

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Born of angels

not a mother, not a father

raised by love incarnate in a vivid world without color

where the harsh contrasts of white on black

cease to frame the grainy faces

of a lost people

violently fighting for peace

a world without rainbows

where colors live side by side

but rarely touch

Born of beauty

without the cage of a body

that belongs to everyone else

and leaves its owner trapped

in a limbo of floating judgements

and violent lust

that pierces the cells of the inner


under its hard shell of self-hatred

and box-printed recipes

for how life should taste

Born of love

that knows no boundaries

no borders, no rules

no terms and conditions

Just Love

Blind to prejudice

but infinitely wise

without fear of a man-made reality

manufactured in hell

polluting the veins of life

with mines that bare the bowels

of Mother Nature

leaving her breasts dry

and her children to starve

© 2021 Marieke de Koker

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