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The Curse of Eve

She ran home crying in her blood stained dress

She feared she was dying

Her mother never told her about womanhood

From that day on

Her blood stained cloths hung from the laundry line

For the world to see:

The Curse of Eve

The night before her high school matriculation

She feared her mother was dying

Bleeding uncontrollably

Taken away to the hospital

Her mother never told her she was pregnant

Little Eve sat staring at the exam papers

She could not remember a thing

The miscarriage… a dead baby…

Was her mother alive?

The first in her family to write a high school exam

She failed

The wailing aunties at the hospital

Wouldn’t tell her a thing

A child dare not know

About the matters of womanhood

Was her mother alive?

Little Eve ran far far away

She stared at the waters floating under the bridge

The thought of her weightlessly floating and sinking

Felt like a welcome release

The night of a party many years later

A family friend drove her home

He stole her youth and dignity

A secret no one else would ever know

One dare not speak of injustice against women

One dare not speak of the Curse of Eve

A woman without a high school diploma

Married to a doctorate professor

When she told him she was pregnant

He yelled

While a lifetime brought many blessings

It could not rid the shame

Even in her old age she felt embarrassed

She was uneducated

She spent her life trying to make everything perfect

Because she knew she could never be

© 2023 Marieke de Koker

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