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Us Against The World

We sit in a pile of rubble and clutter

holding onto the precious little things

that remind us of the life we want to live

that remind us of who we are

holding on for dear life

Once a teenage dream, now hangs in faded Polaroid

We thought we knew life

We thought we knew death

We thought that pain had bought us wisdom

We said, “It’s us against the world.

For we are fighters. Survivors.”

Even in the face of death itself

we prayed our thanks for another life bought

But never thought to change our ways

While life’s struggles birth hard earned lessons

A constant struggle for survival is no way to live

It robs you of time

Time to grow

Time to learn

To make mistakes and laugh about them

Time to soak in the beauty of the world

and all its possibilities

Survival is no life goal.

Dreams are our lifeblood and oxygen

Hope and faith is humanity itself

And wisdom grows from quiet contemplation

A patient endeavor of soul feeding

which one rushes past on the road to survival

© 2023 Marieke de Koker

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