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I Wish The World Could See

Self Portrait, Chicago © 2020 Marieke de Koker

I wish the world could see itself

through my eyes

and know that all the evils

come from an inability to love ourselves - 

all the fears, jealousy, anxiety, greed and control

Selfish actions are acts of self-deprecation.

There is nothing more human

than hating oneself for hurting others

We grow cold and bitter

shielding ourselves from the world

Not because we are selfish of nature

but because we love too much,

because we hurt too much

I wish the world could see:

You who hate the world,

hate yourselves.

You who feel hurt by someone else's joy

or someone else's love,

you are broken inside

You want everyone to be like you,

to act like you, to think like you.

So that you will feel less alone

So that you will feel less misunderstood

So that you will love yourself more

Unable to love yourself or anyone else,

you are left lost and bitter

Angry at those who are happy or at peace

in a world that is burning to the ground

© 2024 Marieke de Koker

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