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Fire and Rain

Photo: Gordon's Bay, South Africa, © April 2021 Marieke de Koker

I am Aries

I am Pisces

I am fire and rain

My feet on the hard earth

My head in the clouds

My heart is both lover and fighter

I am the bold soldier

Fearless God of War

Ruler of tactical strategy

I am the healer

Seer of the ethereal

Of most sensitive intuition

I swim in the oceans of Neptune

I run across the plains of Mars

And make love on the Moon

My blows are strong but fluid

I am intentional disruption

I am a self-contained climate

Love me

And I will shower you in abundant rains

My fires will warm and guard you at night

If I burn too bright

Don't quell my fires

If my rains are thunderous

Don't dam my rivers

For I am all that I am

To love me 

is to Love

the indescribable fluidity

I am the breath you cannot hold

The light you cannot capture

I am transient Life

© 2024 Marieke de Koker

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