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Sunshine Man

I met a sunshine man


who glows with radiant hope 

who doesn’t apologise 

for dreaming too big

for being too proud

too optimistic 

too naïve 

He said 

if growing up means giving up



then I’d rather stay a child

seeing a world full of beauty 

hoping for the future

When did growing up become a loss 

shedding lifeblood 

deep rivers drying

lush forests stripped 

naked and hungry 

running on reserves 

praying for survival 

Resilience does not come without suffering 

Suffering does not come without change 

Are we growing up 

or is the world changing us?

Kumu Ramsay said 

If we allow the world to determine our fate 

we make ourselves victims 

The world is our shadow

The world is our mirror 

We see what we want to see 

How can we be what we want to be?

© 2023 Marieke de Koker

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