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Point of No Return

I stand at the point of no return.

Without realizing or noticing it

I have outgrown and outworn my beloved shoes

that have carried me for years

across continents

Although I have bled and blistered,

scarred and calloused,

these shoes have kept my feet safe from harm

and now

What do I do?

Do I find new pairs of shoes?

Do I step into the unknown with bare feet?

The only certainty: that those shoes

can never carry me safely again,

that nothing will ever be the same again,

that it could be better, it could be worse

but most of all, that I do not have a choice

I can choose my shoes

but I cannot choose my feet

What sense is there to keep walking

in shoes outworn and outgrown?

At what point do my beloved shoes

begin to break my feet?

© 2024 Marieke de Koker

Photo: Bronx, New York © 2024 Reever Julian

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