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Life Time

Updated: May 7

Home is like a mother's embrace

a warmth like no other

for those of us lucky enough to experience 

a sense of childhood nostalgia 

safety, stability, predictability 

that time of our life where every small thing was our entire world

the overwhelming perfume of rain before it bursts from the clouds

the spring buds and seedlings in a magical fairyland 

the warm summer breeze washing over you 

with the smells of a thousand people 

and cars and fried food and sweet flowers

Watching the fields and mountains in the horizon 

feeling your ancestors reach through the ground into your soul

You are part of something larger 

How I long for the luxury of time 

so much time 

I could wait for it to pass 

my mind filled with games and fantasy 

I was less present then than now 

and yet 

I am less present now than then 


I flee from the worries of life

carrying the world on my shoulders 

knowing that life is short and time is finite

knowing that the brokenness of the world 

is too vast to heal in my lifetime

the earth dying faster than we can heal 

a one way train on the road to survival

Get on and you’re complicit

Get off and you die

© 2024 Marieke de Koker

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