• Marieke de Koker

Austrian American Mozart Academy

Marieke debuts the role of Madame Herz in Der Schauspieldirektor with the Austrian American Mozart Academy. She received a scholarship to study in Mozart's birthplace of Salzburg. She sang in masterclasses with Maestro Mayrhofer and Dr Sylvia Stone and performed at a Liederabend in the Marienkirche. She also began her studies of the German language.

While in Salzburg she enjoyed watching an inspiring performance of Idomeneo at the Salzburg Festspiele and had an impactful conversation with baritone Brian Mulligan who shared his secret of vulnerability in performance and his experiences in collaborating with Dominick Argento. Some of her favorite memories include hiking in the alps, picking wild berries and oregano, petting cows and dining at the South African restaurant "Afro Cafe" in Salzburg. She also enjoyed one of Salzburg's best kept secrets - the freshest sushi!

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